Plant for the production of agropellets

is a complex waste – free technological equipment with patented technology for processing cultivated agricultural matter (hay, straw, cuttings, silage, silage, etc.) and all solid agricultural excrement (from cows, chickens, etc.)
Plant for the production of agropellets solves comprehensively the whole production process from the cultivation of the input raw material to the dispatch of finished products, which are agropellets with a guaranteed calorific value of more than 16 MJ / kg.

  • The whole production process begins with the cultivation of the input raw material in our own agricultural cooperative with subsequent storage and preparation for the next technological process.
  • The actual processing of the mass begins with the preparation of the substrate in a specialized mixing and homogenizing device, where the substrate is prepared so that its composition, homogeneity and moisture suit dry fermentation.
  • The prepared substrate is placed in a fermenter using patented technology, which is sealed airtight. Subsequently, biogas is produced by a controlled fermentation process. It is homogenized in a gas tank and prepared for further use. The number of fermenters depends on the amount of processed material and subsequent use. Fermentors can be 8 to 20.
  • The produced biogas is burned in a cogeneration unit and a heat unit. Cogeneration unit produces electricity as well as heat (from engine cooling). The size of the cogeneration unit is chosen to cover the electricity consumption of the plant for agropellets. The gas burned in heat unit is used only for heat production. The heat from cogeneration unit and heat unit is used to dry the fermented substrate.
  • The substrate thus dried is then crushed and compacted into pellets. The final product is agropellets in the amount of 14,000 to 20,000 t / year.
  • The Plant for the production of agropellets control system continuously manages the entire production process, including all peripherals.


The efficiency of the whole device lies in the use of all the material that is grown and brought to plant with the production of electricity and agropellets.

Fermenter and layout solution of the line